About Careview System

Careview is a proprietary communications platform owned by Team Post Op.   Its comprehensive point-of-care solutions system optimizes the injured workers’ care-plan among the various providers (e.g. physician, therapist, NCM, adjustor, ancillary service team, DME provider, etc.).

Our HIPPA compliant platform allows for:

Careview features a “role response notification” component to enhance system functionality and efficiency.   Therefore, the various providers operate independently from the “Collective” yet have access to entire episode of care in one transparent time line.

Currently, “connectivity” between the various providers is fragmented, inefficient, delays patient care, and lowers patient satisfaction scores. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive management solutions platform that benefits patient and employer.

Careview allows for effective distribution and retrieval of information as it memorializes all communications onto one comprehensive report.   It increases productivity by eliminating duplication of work such as redundant emails and phone calls.   Moreover, it ensures HIPAA compliance by eliminating patient information from being disseminated across non-secure networks by the various providers.

Careview will improve communication, productivity, HIPAA compliance, and patient care.